Transport & Special projects

We have our own fleet of trucks, specialized trailers, cranes,… Whenever possible, we offer GSE transport according the “roll-on/roll-off”-principle to avoid extra costs for the customer. 

We have all “exceptional loads” permanent permits available for most of Europe. Our team is also ready to support you with special projects such as loading and unloading special heavy loads. 
Should all of the above prove not to be enough, we have a very broad partner base that can support us to get the job done.

Our team is also ready to support with special projects.



  • Transport


    Our transport specialists are always available for a challenge.

    With our own trucks and specialized trailers, we are very flexible to do almost every transport within a short period of time. Whether it be ground support equipment, other machinery or big boxes, no load is to big or to heavy for us.

    • Crane works


      Both for heavy loads and for precise movements

      With our special cranes we can load or unload heavy loads, assist with repairs, maintenance and replacement on aircrafts or do precise movements insides warehouses.



        No load to heavy to handle

        When you have to load or unload heavy cargo a big forklift is necessary. We are always available to assist you on various airports or even on location.