About Us

The history of CTC Moyson dates back to 1988. Founder Marc Moyson († 2018) and his wife Christel D’Hollander started, from their parental home, with a car body shop. The company provided a good service, and after a while, customers began to demand mechanical maintenance as well. The business grew rapidly and the first recruitments followed. In 1997 they moved to the building in Londerzeel; where the Opel garage, bodywork and metalworking company Decoda are still located today. The customer base continued to grow, and in addition to car maintenance, small trucks and gradually more and more GSE or Ground Support Equipment were added.

In 2007, the building at Brussels Airport was taken into use in order to meet the increasing demand from airport located customers. Over the years, CTC Moyson Airport Equipment has grown into an established value. The company does not only maintain rolling stock but also sells and rents out GSE vehicles. At Zaventem, Ostend, Antwerp, Liege and at various airports throughout Europe, more than 1500 different vehicles are available for hire. Partly in-house and partly in collaboration with local partners.

In 2019, a new building at Willebroek was put into use. Here the GSE material can be renovated and painted. But also sandblasting, metallization and painting can be done on a large scale: trucks, construction machines, telescopic cranes,….

All these activities are still overseen by the Moyson family: Christel and the three sons Tom, Wim and Bart. In other words: CTC Moyson is a strong family business that continues to focus on growth.